Adams State University Baseball Camps

University/College Alamosa, Colorado
Bruce DelTondo
Head Baseball Coach

Enhance your baseball abilities with the Adams State University Baseball Camps. Our camps present a fantastic chance to elevate your game to new heights. Led by our skilled college staff, the camps are conducted at Adams State University, renowned for its excellent baseball facilities.

Adams State University Baseball Camps are inclusive and welcome individuals of all ages. Regardless of your skill level, you are invited to join our camps, which are open to the public. It’s important to note that these camps are not officially affiliated with the university, but they provide top-notch instruction and training that you won’t want to miss. Come and join us to hone your skills and seize the exciting opportunity with the Grizzlies!

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Bruce DelTondo
Head Baseball Coach
Chaz Lopez
Assistant Baseball Coach

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Adams State University Baseball Camps

Adams State University Baseball Camps embrace inclusivity, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. Our camps are open to the public, encouraging players within the specified age range to participate. It's important to note that, although these camps offer exceptional training and development opportunities, they are not officially associated with Adams State University. Join us for skill enhancement and growth, enjoying the outstanding experience with the Grizzlies!

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Our camps are open to all baseball players, regardless of skill level, age, grade level, or gender. We welcome beginners looking to learn the game as well as advanced players seeking to enhance their skills.

We offer camps that cater to a wide range of age groups, typically spanning from elementary school to high school. We ensure that each camp is tailored to meet the specific needs and skill levels of the participants.

Our camps boast a highly qualified and experienced coaching staff. Instructors include Adams State baseball coaches, current Adams State players. This ensures that participants receive top-notch instruction from experts who are dedicated to fostering the growth and development of young athletes.

Participants should bring their own baseball equipment, including gloves, bats, helmets, and appropriate footwear. It is also recommended to bring sunscreen, a water bottle, and any necessary medications or allergy information.

The safety of our campers is of utmost importance to us. We maintain a safe and secure environment by adhering to all necessary health and safety guidelines. Our staff is trained to provide proper supervision and ensure that all equipment is in good condition.

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