Our Story

“Play ball!”

Those words echoed throughout their childhood and young careers as Justin Seager and Brock Hudgens grew up playing and loving all sports. They met at a baseball camp before college and then played together for the 49ers at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Both played in the minor leagues. Justin went on to play five seasons with the Seattle Mariners, and Brock played for the Milwaukee Brewers. 

Throughout Justin and Brock’s baseball career, they participated in camps and clinics and gave lessons to help kids learn and enjoy playing sports. With the right instruction and camps, they’ve seen childhood friends reach their dreams of playing sports, and they reached theirs too. Teaching at camps allowed them to help aspiring athletes improve their skills and appreciate the game.

After playing professional sports, the two friends continued their quest to help others. With that, Play’n Sports was born.

“I’ve reached many goals in my sports career, but being able to help develop and shape players was highly rewarding.”
– Justin Seager

“Before high school, many kids stop playing sports. I want them to continue playing the game, find new camps to attend, and build future opportunities.”
– Brock Hudgens

Our Mission

Our mission is to help:

  • Parents and athletes – Athletes have a chance to play sports, have fun, develop their skills, and chase their dreams when they can find the best camp or clinic for them.  
  • Organizations and facilities – Organizations and facilities have a chance to prosper by connecting with more athletes and their parents and filling their camps and facilities. 
  • Our community – Life lessons are learned through teamwork, hard work, and discipline, creating upstanding citizens that give back where they call home. Sports bring people together and unite our community as everyone works toward a mutual goal.
  • The sports industry – Modern distractions can take time away from enjoying sports. Connecting coaches and instructors with athletes give them a chance to work together, continuing the sport for generations to come. 

Our Partners

We work with several non-profits to help support our community.

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