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8U-10U Select Tryouts

November 6 Raleigh, NC 25

AGE RANGE 7 - 10 years old
EVENT FOCUS Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Speed + Agility, Base Running, Arm Care, Catching
EVENT VENUE Gilchrist Field

2009 Pagan Road
Raleigh NC , 27603



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Outside Venue

Afternoon Start Time

The TPA Nationals are excited to announce they are expanding their select program into younger age groups! We are adding 8U, 9U, and 10U teams to our select program.

More Information about the TPA Nationals Travel Ball Select Program:

With our TPA Nationals, we have two different seasons. Our Spring Season has tryouts in November, and runs from January-June/July. We then have our Fall Season with tryouts in August that runs from September-November. We believe one of the most beneficial portions of our program is our Sports Performance sessions, and helping develop these young athletes. Of course, baseball skill work is vital with how challenging the game is. However, the work put in during speed & agility classes will have just as big of an impact. Coach Glen Kalbaugh USAW-L2 Advanced Sports Performance Coach is our Director of Sports Performance and he does a phenomenal job with our baseball guys. The boys get to train twice a week as a team. This “sweat equity” helps build team chemistry and helps hold players accountable for lack of effort (which luckily is a rare occasion). We are centered around player development, and the fall season is an awesome opportunity for young ballplayers to improve on the field largely by becoming more explosive athletes!

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