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The Performance Academy has served the Apex and surrounding area since 2011, providing a secure and knowledgeable space for our community filled with those of all ages and levels of fitness. Our owners, managers and trainers are dedicated to helping individuals reach their potential as athletes and people. Our vision is to provide comprehensive, cutting-edge training for athletes of all ability levels. In a safe, inspiring and relentlessly positive environment, we will provide the techniques, tools and motivation to maximize athletic performance. We are committed to developing the physical and mental attributes that will lead to success, with a specific focus on instilling core values of hard work, dedication and self-discipline.

We help cultivate the children of this area all year, with our summer sports and baseball boot camp for kids, sports performance classes for young athletes, private baseball and softball lessons, baseball specific camps and clinics, and our Nationals baseball and softball travel teams. Our sports performance program offers young athletes speed & agility, strength, mobility, and velocity training. We also host private baseball and softball lessons with state of the art HitTrax© machines that allow the student to see where their ball was projected to go, and TrackMan Technology, a system for pitching found in professional stadiums across the world and across hundreds of minor league and amateur parks. This technology allows us to evaluate our players, develop a plan to improve and refine their craft, save time practicing, and most importantly allow us to coach with certainty.

The Performance Academy also offers training for those injured and returning to their sport with personalized training. We provide private training to those of all ages, and we host a variety of adult fitness classes at our facility.


The Performance Academy
1010 Classic Road
Apex, NC 27539


919 303 1687