The newly unveiled TORQ Truck brings state-of-the-art technology, previously only available at brick-and-mortar training facilities to tournaments, tryouts, and programs nationwide. The Truck will provide players with an immediate video package of their session that contains mechanical and data analysis.

The patented mobile batting cage is equipped with a full array of equipment, including a HitTrax swing and pitch analyzer, network connected stat and video displays, adjustable pitching machine, and cameras to capture players from every angle. This hardware is all seamlessly integrated into a custom-designed cage which has been engineered to maximize safety, play space, and ease of use.

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The modern media revolution in sports. Our stated goal is to Track, Optimize, Record, and Quantify.

The allotted pitches are typically standard at an event, but we can be flexible and understand that YOUR needs come first. As long as there is not a major time constraint, it is fine to request a few extra swings 🙂

The TORQ Truck is the first of its kind, mobile batting cage, so we are not constrained to a fixed location.

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