How to set up an eye catching camp page

Quick and useful tips on how to set up the the perfect camp page featuring detailed titles, complete descriptions, quality photos, and more.

Perfect your event page with key details

These tips can help make your camp stand out to potential campers.

  • Have a detailed title.  In your title, let campers know exact specifics about your event and include the date. For example, a college that will be having a prospect camp with extra amenities might write “Pro Style Prospect Camp with Trackman and Campus Tour on January 24th, 2023″.
  • Continue with a detailed description. Try to capture anything and everything players and their guardians should know about the camp.  What is the tentative schedule? When is check-in time?  What is the player to coach ratio? Are there breaks between stations for youth camps?
  • List the amenities. Give potential campers a preview of what else they can expect when attending your event. If current players will be available for a question and answer session during lunch, be sure to include that in your description.  A complete tour of campus or of the athletic facilities would be important to include, too.
  • They’ve got questions.  You’ve got answers.  Create a list of FAQs.  For example, what is the policy regarding inclement weather?  Are parents encouraged to stay and watch their player?
Example #1 Example #2 Example #3

Use high quality photos to attract campers

Clear pictures help showcase your college, organization and/or brand, so it’s smart to update your pictures often. Pictures should be 2100×880 pixels.

  • Pay close attention to your first photo.  Along with your title, this is the first thing players will notice when searching Play’n Sports.  Your photo should be clean, clear, and capture where campers will be spending the majority of their time during the listed event.
  • Use a variety of photos.  Using pictures of the field/stadium, locker rooms and weight rooms are a given.  But, think outside the box.  Include photos of popular spots around campus, snapshots of downtown or the surrounding area and aerial shots.
  • Staff headshots are boring.  Include action photos of the coaching staff on the field and during instruction at previous camps or during games.

Your checklist for a successful camp page

Ready to make the most of your camp page?  Here’s a short checklist to help you get started:

  • Is your title clear and engaging with a date listed?
  • Is your description clear with all relevant details listed?
  • Have you included all of the amenities?
  • Are your FAQs up to date?
  • Do you have a variety of high-quality photos, including the coaching staff?