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Setting up your dashboard

You’ve found the perfect camp, but you need to add your player. What type of info do you collect? Why? And, where do I go to do it? Here’s how to update your player profile, manage your account and setting up email notifications for your saved camps.

Editing your personal info
It’s important to keep your account updated but it’s not a priority right away. We won’t ask you to provide any personal info until you register for your first event. All we ask for at the beginning is your email and that’s just in case you want emails on any of your saved events.

Private and secure
The information you provide in your profile is safe and secure.

We’re here for you 24/7
If you’ve entered your dashboard and you see something that seems off or you just don’t now what to do next. Contact one of our team members and we can assist you every step of the way!

Adding multiple players
Trying to add multiple players? That’s not a problem, you can add as many players as you’d like!

Saving your favorites

Once you’ve found your favorite upcoming event, we’ll keep an eye on it for you. Simply click or tap the heart icon on any of the events. Once you’ve saved it, it will land in your dashboard. You can compare all your saved events and revisit them when you’re ready. 

How do I save favorites to my dashboard? 
Go to the map or list view to start saving upcoming camps and events. You can find the heart icon on the banner image in the bottom right corner on every event page.

Individual event cards on list view
You already have your favorite in mind and you’re ready to start comparing. You can save your favorites by clicking or tapping on the heart icon on the card.

Email notifications on saved events
You’ll even receive an email notification 15 days before the camp starts to remind you in case you forgot to register, or would like to revisit the camp and compare it to others.

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