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Creating an account on Play’n Sports is free and easy. Just go to playnsports.com and click sign up. Follow the instructions to create your free landing page and start posting events.

No Contracts, No Commitments and Cancel Anytime.

You can cancel you account at anytime on your own. When you cancel your account, you’re deactivating it. Your profile, landing page, and events will be hidden on Play’n Sports. Your Landing Page and Events will still remain on the world wide web but hidden on Play’n Sports. If you would like to permanently delete your account please email us here. 

Reactivate: To reactivate your account just sign back into your account again and click here. If you don’t know how to reactivate your account, feel free to contact us and we will help you.

Permanently Delete: When you permanently delete your account, we will verify your identity for security purposes. We may ask you for additional information to confirm your identity. The information you provided us will be permanently deleted except for certain information which we will need to keep for legal reasoning. 

Once your account is permanently deleted you will no longer have access to your account, events, landing page, and any information that was provided to you through your events. If you would like to set up a new account, feel free to setup a new account. 

So, you’re ready to list your camps, clinics and tryouts? It’s free and easy – create a landing page by signing up as a coach or organization and start posting camps Today! 

After you create an account, it may take up to 48 hours for it appear in the search results.

What You’ll Need For Your Landing Page

  • A title for your Landing Page
  • A description
  • Banner image (Coming soon)
  • Logo
  • Team colors to brand Landing Page (Coming soon)
  • Coaches Photos (Coming soon)
  • Links to schedule, roster and recruiting form (Coming soon)
  • Location if applicable

Creating Your Landing Page – Glance at some pointers before you post

· What can parents and players expect from you and your organization? Describe in detail, what do you or your organization offer, who participates in your events, how long have you been helping players, where do you typically hold your event’s.

·  What is your goal as a Camp Coordinator and Organization? What makes you better than the others? How does your expertise make your events unmissable?

· Still don’t know where to start? Maybe this will help!

· Description is key: A description can make you or break you. Make your Event Title and Description fun and exciting, have it stand out with information that paints a clear picture for what the parent and player are getting themselves into. 

· First impression matters: Take high quality pictures of your facility, team, coaches, etc. Take a step back and think about someone who has no clue you exist. What do you want that person to see when they click on your Landing Page? And don’t forget to upload the right resolution! If you have a problem uploading the correct resolution, email us here and we will help you!

· Keep your events up to date: Your Landing Page will also have a list of your events currently on Play’n Sports. Make sure all the events posted are accurate and have the correct information like date, time, cost, location, etc. If it isn’t correct you can edit your events here.

1: Post an Event

Play’n Sports brings players, parents, coaches and organizations together – our interactive map and filters makes it easy for people to discover the best camps, clinics, tryouts & weekly programs. 

Once you create an account, you can post an event. Your event will show up on the map and list view when you’re officially verified and approved by Play’n Sports.

  • Set your date 
  • Set your location
  • Set the event type
  • Set your price (min & max)
  • Set the age, grade, grad level or juco
  • Set the registration closing date
  • Set the check in time
  • Select your sports
  • Fill out the description
  • Let players know what to bring
  • Choose how many tickets

How many events can I post? Unlimited!

How many players can register for my event? It’s up to you!

Play’n Sports wants Coaches and Organizations that have a passion for helping athletes expand their knowledge and grow the game. No matter the experience, it is important to help every player expand their knowledge and connect with someone new.

2: Select your event type

· Camps are larger events that are between 20 – 200 players.. These day or overnight camps could range anywhere from 1 to 7 days. Camps typically last anywhere between 2 hours to 10 hours during the day.

· Clinics are smaller groups with less than 20 players. Clinics are broken into groups of 6 or less players, per coach. Clinics could last between 30 min – 3 hours depending on the coach and amount of players.

· Tryouts are small or large events that could have a couple players to couple hundred players. These events could be free or cost money to attend. Typically, organizations charge money to make sure they have serious players that are interested in their organization. 

· Prospect Events are larger events for players that are interested in playing at the collegiate or professional level. They could either be a showcase event or a prospect camp. You can expect between 30 to 200 players depending on the organization.

· Weekly programs are week to week events that are typically paid upfront before the first event. Weekly programs can last 1 week to an entire year depending on who is putting the program on.

3: First impression matters – Glance at some pointers before you post

· What can parents and players expect from you at this event? Describe in detail what your event is offering, who’s participating in this event, set a tentative schedule based on your camp experience, this will help the parent see what they are actually paying for.

· How does your expertise make this event unmissable? Bring your description to life. 

· Description is key: A description can make you or break you. Make your Event Title and Description fun and exciting, have it stand out with information that paints a clear picture for what the parent and player are getting themselves into. 

· Keep your events up to date: Make sure all the events you post are accurate and have the correct information like date, time, cost, location, etc. If it isn’t correct you can edit your events here.

· Pricing: Be competitive with your prices. Check around to see what other camp coordinators are charging for their events.

4: Connect your location

When you post an event on Play’n Sports you will show on the map. You can provide a pin point location that will help a player or parent identify the location of your event.

Offer water, snacks, etc before the event starts. First, this will show you’re prepared to run an organized event. Second, this will provide a fall back in case the player or parent didn’t plan accordingly. Not being prepared can make or break an experience. They might even expect you to have the concessions opened if that isn’t explained in the description. Plan accordingly. 

1: Verifying your identity: When you create an account on Play’n Sports, we may ask you for additional information to protect yourself from fraud. This could include your legal name, date of birth, phone number, address and government ID.

2: Requirements to Post

In order to maintain our brand, we ask all current and former players, coaches and organizations that use Play’n Sports to meet these requirements for each event posted. 

· Manage Your Events: Manage each event and keep them up to date.

· Respond: Check and respond to your emails within 24 hours. 

· Avoid Canceling: Canceling is an inconvenience to everyone.

· Put the players first: Players always come first. Posting an event is the first step in growing your brand, next comes how the players experience was at your event. If a player had a positive experience, they will more than likely share your event with their friends.

· Equipment: Hosting an event is one thing, having the correct equipment is another. Don’t leave your equipment at home. Bring enough in case a player forgot theirs. 

· Organize: Get organized before you host an event. Get to know the players that are coming to your event and what positions they play. This will help you figure out which groups you need to create.

Yes! Login to your account dashboard anytime to add, manage, and make changes to your camps and clinics.

Embed your Landing Page on twitter or facebook

Embed your Landing Page into Facebook or Twitter.

1: Copy https://

2: Paste into your Twitter or Facebook Posts

3: Get direct clicks to your Landing Page or Event

4: Bring your Landing Page to life with a graphic

Logging into your dashboard: In order to access your dashboard to post an event, Login to you dashboard anytime to manage your account, edit your profile, edit your events.

Forgot my password: If you’ve forgotten your password or have an issue logging in to your Play’n Sports account, you’ll need to reset your password.

Forgot username: Any Coach or Organizer has the ability to login and visit their Dashboard page, and then they can edit the email address.

Contact us by emailing contact@playnsports.com and we will contact you as soon as possible. Feel free to access our contact form here.

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