Why we Came up with Play’n Sports


Our goal with Play’n Sports is to make sports available to more young athletes. Every young athlete should have easy access to leagues and camps, regardless of whether they’re just looking to have fun and make friends or for elite training to reach the next level. Our founders achieved great success in their athletic endeavors, and want to create as many opportunities as possible for the next generation of athletes to do the same. Not every athlete is going to play at the highest level, but we want to help them keep playing for as long as they can, while having fun along the way. Regardless of what level an athlete achieves, they will benefit from being in a youth sports environment. Involvement in youth sports fosters a sense of community and camaraderie, and instills many valuable life lessons. Here at Play’n Sports, we aim to provide hassle-free youth sports resources to as many young athletes as we can. 


Play’n Sports will be a game changer for parents and athletes alike. Our easy to use interface allows parents to plan everything from rec leagues and day camps to comprehensive travel tournaments all in one place. Life is busy, and having to take the time to research and choose the right events and facilities can be overwhelming and time consuming. Like Scott Bankhead, Owner of the NC Baseball Academy in Greensboro stated, “The Play’n Sports website makes so much sense for the already busy sports parent trying to find the best camps and instruction for their young athlete. Having the ability to locate a fantastic camp opportunity with description and location quickly makes this a win-win for camp directors and parents alike!” In addition to the time saved by our one-stop information repository, parents can be assured that all of our events have been expertly selected. Parents can look at camp and league reviews from other parents, and get detailed profiles of available coaches to ensure the events are up to their standards.