How to help minimize COVID-19 while youth sports camps starts back up!

As spring is starting to begin, many parents and kids are wondering if youth sports will be happening and if it’s even safe for children to participate in youth sports while the COVID-19 pandemic continues. 

Families, coaches and athletes all need to understand and respect the COVID-19 rules and restrictions to prevent the virus from spreading. It is always important to understand the danger of this virus and how it affects everyone differently. 

To make everyone feel more safe, below is a breakdown of the most important tips to consider and key risk factors that occur during sporting events. 

COVID is easily spread through contact between other players. Making sure players aren’t sharing equipment is important as sports where equipment isn’t shared as often, will likely be less risky. 

Another key idea to remember is self distancing. For the majority of sports, when on the field or court, it may be difficult to social distance, however when off the court individuals should be able to respect the 6-foot rule and should distance themselves from one another when not playing. 

Sports and physical activities with limited exposure such as track, dance, tennis, and even golf all have limited amounts of exposure compared to other more contact sports such as football or basketball. 

Lastly, are face masks being worn throughout play and on the sidelines? Wearing a mask has been the most emphasized idea to help prevent the virus since the start of the outbreak. Masks are extra important at sporting events where it is common for players to come close to other players on top of coaches and officials raising their voices or chanting throughout contests. 

In order for youth sports to start clean and end clean this year, all athletes should wear face masks for all games and practices, on the floor or off, except in certain sports that of course could put the kids themselves in risk such as masks that cover too much of their face. 

Now remember, when kids start to get back into youth sports this spring/summer, remember to consider all risk possibilities that involve the pandemic. Participating in youth sports comes with multiple benefits, however keeping the virus to a minimum is key.