Fall Camps are Here; What to Look for

I think we can all agree that this summer was much more enjoyable than last summer, but we are all ready for a little break from this hot weather. Even though most of us would rather sit in air conditioning instead of under a tent or umbrella during the summer, getting outside was enough to make me do it over and over again. With Fall ball getting ready to ramp up, I want us to look at how we can all enjoy Fall sports camps and clinics in 2021. From experience, Fall softball and baseball camps are a good way for your young athlete to stay active and hone their skills during the off season. There are a number of fall softball and baseball camps available to choose from on Play’n Sports with a wide variety of skill levels being catered to. Colleges, Facilities and organizations are all posting camps and clinics all fall and winter so be on the lookout for the closest camps. Another useful feature of Play’n Sports is that it allows you to filter between indoor and outdoor camps, which will come in handy for the winter months (typically the fall is much more pleasant).

Elite fall camps allow for high level players to stay on their game between seasons, and more casual camps provide good opportunities for younger players to try new sports, with the cooler weather and more of a focus on building skills. Most fall camps are clinics that typically don’t run for longer than a weekend, though longer and single-day camps are also available. Fall is also a time for showcase events and tryouts for higher level players. High school players can try out for showcase teams in the offseason, and play tournaments in front of scouts and college coaches. These tournaments are typically held on a regional basis, and use of wood bats is common as well.

When selecting a camp for your child, first determine what goals are important to you as a parent, as well as for the athlete. For parents looking to introduce their child to a new sport, look for camps which focus on rudimentary skills and a general understanding of the game. Camps available for more seasoned players offer more advanced skills training, and will likely group players by position to offer a more specialized experience. Prospect camps and other showcase events for elite players tend to be more geared towards giving players exposure to scouts and coaches at the next level. Regardless of skill level, fall camps are a great way to make friends and stay active during the off season. And don’t forget to filter by age, location, cost, and inside or outside!


Sean Kaufman