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Top Velocity 2-Day Clinic

December 4 - December 5 1500

AGE RANGE 13 - 18 years old
EVENT FOCUS Pitching, Speed + Agility, Arm Care
EVENT VENUE Velocity Sports Performance

EVENT CONTACT Patrick Johnson


Feel free to email or call anytime with questions or concerns about the Top Velocity Program!



Day Camp

Inside Venue

Morning Start Time

  • 2- Day introduction to the Top Velocity Program
  • Clinic includes the following:
    • Full mobility and strength evaluation
    • Biomechanical pitching breakdown
    • Olympic lifting introduction
    • 3x & 2x beginner drills
    • Top Velocity training app
    • Nutritional Guide
  • This clinic will teach you how to reach your velocity goals in a safe and proven manner! Please contact shanem@topvelo.city or patrickj@topvelo.city to register!