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Own Your Education, Southeastern University

Own Your Exposure @ Southeastern

1000 Longfellow Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33801
November 12, 2023
Registration closes Nov 11th.
Ages 13-19
9:00 am - 4:00 pm | Check in 8:30 am

Join us in Lakeland, Florida on the campus of Southeastern University for must see attend event in Florida. We will be joined by coaches from all over the southeast!

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Are you a high school aged baseball player looking to maximize your exposure and be seen and recruited by college coaches? Are you tired of looking in the stands at Perfect Game Tournaments and not seeing College coaches and scouts? Own Your Exposure has the solution for you! We have partnered with Southeastern University for the event of the fall in Florida you won’t want to miss.

Our events offer 20+ College Coaches at all events working hands on with each player at their positions, professional recruiting video filmed and produced by On Deck Productions, verified metrics, simulated game and a Dri-fit Shirt.

General Camp Schedule

Own Your Exposure @ Southeastern will be divided into 2 sessions. Session 1 will be for All Position Players and Session 2 will be for Pitchers and Catchers. You will be able to choose to attend one or both Sessions

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM – Instruction, Pro Style Work, Batting Practice, Simulated Game

1:30 AM – 4:00 PM – Pitchers & Catchers Instruction and Live Reps in front of coaches

Evaluations will be provided from the coaches and scouts during Pro Style Workout, BP and Pitchers and Catchers. Coaches will be able to evaluate the participants in a Simulated game as well to see how they handle in game situations. In addition, all participants will receive their metrics once they have been verified by the Own Your Exposure Staff. We hope this event promotes a high-level of player-coach interaction, so we encourage each participant to ask specific questions to the college coaches and scouts throughout the day.

Colleges and Universities attending the event are updated periodically, so please check the events tab of our website www.ownyourexposure.com for an up to date list.

Event Type: Showcase Events

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Coaches or Speakers in Attendance

Coaches & Organizers you might meet...

Jeff Moyer
Jeff Moyer
Co-Founder & College Coach Read more Read less

Jeff Moyer is a highly accomplished figure in the world of college baseball, known for his extensive experience both as a player and coach. With a background that includes playing Division 1 baseball for the esteemed University of Florida, Jeff has showcased his exceptional skills and passion for the sport throughout his career.

Having played and coached at every level of college baseball, Jeff Moyer possesses a comprehensive understanding of the game from various perspectives. This invaluable experience has shaped his coaching approach, enabling him to connect with players and guide them towards achieving their fullest potential.

One of Jeff’s notable achievements is his remarkable ability to identify and recruit talented players who have gone on to play professionally. Over the years, he has successfully recruited and nurtured the development of more than eight players who have transitioned into the world of professional baseball. This outstanding track record is a testament to his keen eye for talent and his commitment to fostering the growth and success of his recruits.

With a career spanning nine seasons as a Recruiting Coordinator, Jeff Moyer has played a pivotal role in shaping competitive and accomplished baseball programs. His expertise in identifying top-notch talent, coupled with his strong recruitment strategies, has been instrumental in building successful teams that consistently excel on the field.

Jeff’s coaching prowess has also led to numerous post-season appearances, further cementing his reputation as a skilled and accomplished coach. With an impressive tally of nine post-season appearances, including two World Series appearances, Jeff has demonstrated his ability to guide teams to the highest levels of competition. His coaching philosophy, attention to detail, and ability to motivate players have been instrumental in these achievements.

Overall, Jeff Moyer’s passion for baseball, his extensive experience as both a player and coach, and his remarkable success in recruiting and coaching talented athletes make him a highly respected figure in the world of college baseball. His contributions to the sport and his commitment to developing and nurturing the next generation of baseball stars are unparalleled, making him a true asset to any program he is involved with.

  • Played Division 1, University of Florida
  • Played or Coached at every level of College Baseball
  • Recruited 8+ Players that have gone on to play Pro
  • 9 Seasons as a Recruiting Coordinator
  • 9 Post Season Appearances – 2 World Series
Jordan Miller Own Your Exposure
Jordan Miller
Co-Founder & College Coach Read more Read less

Jordan Miller is a highly accomplished coach in the realm of baseball, known for his expertise and remarkable achievements in the sport. With three years of Division 1 coaching experience, Jordan has showcased his exceptional coaching skills and dedication to developing players at the highest collegiate level.

One of Jordan’s notable achievements is coaching the 16th overall pick in the 2022 Draft, a testament to his ability to identify and nurture top talent. His coaching guidance played a crucial role in helping this player reach such a significant milestone in their career. This accomplishment speaks volumes about Jordan’s coaching acumen and his commitment to supporting athletes in realizing their full potential.

In addition to his success with individual players, Jordan has also coached a notable number of athletes who have transitioned to professional baseball. With a track record of seven or more players going on to play at the professional level, Jordan’s coaching methods and expertise have consistently proven instrumental in preparing players for the challenges and opportunities of a career in the pro leagues.

Jordan Miller is widely recognized as an expert in utilizing advanced technologies and analytics within the game. He possesses a deep understanding of tools such as Rapsodo, Trackman, and other advanced analytics platforms that provide invaluable insights into player performance. By leveraging these technologies, Jordan maximizes the development of his players and makes data-driven decisions to optimize team strategies.

Jordan’s dedication to staying at the forefront of baseball technology and analytics ensures that his coaching methods are progressive and adaptive to the evolving landscape of the sport. His ability to effectively incorporate these tools in player development and team performance sets him apart as a forward-thinking and highly effective coach.

Overall, Jordan Miller’s three years of Division 1 coaching experience, success in mentoring top draft picks, his track record of developing professional players, and his expertise in advanced technologies and analytics make him a highly sought-after figure in the world of baseball coaching. His commitment to player development, innovative coaching techniques, and utilization of data-driven insights make him an invaluable asset to any team or program he is associated with.

  • 3 years of Division 1 Coaching Experience
  • Coached the 16th overall pick in the 2022 Draft
  • Coached 7+ players that have gone on to play Professional
  • Expert in Rapsodo, Trackman, and advanced analytics

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Lakeland, Florida
1000 Longfellow Blvd, Lakeland, FL
Own Your Exposure Showcase Baseball

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Check out some of our FAQs below

A high school baseball showcase is an event where high school baseball players have the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of college coaches, professional scouts, and recruiters. These events are typically held in the summer or fall when high school baseball seasons have ended.
During a high school baseball showcase, players participate in a series of drills and scrimmages that are designed to showcase their abilities in hitting, fielding, throwing, and running. Coaches and scouts observe the players and evaluate their skills and potential as prospective college or professional players.

Attending a high school baseball showcase can be an important opportunity for players to gain exposure and increase their chances of being recruited by colleges or professional teams. However, it’s important to note that attending a showcase is not a guarantee of recruitment and players should still focus on developing their skills through practice and game experience.

Our company offers a variety of events, including one-day showcases, multi-day camps, one day showcases with games and bus tours. We also offer education tools for players to gain a knowledge and understanding of the recruiting process.

High school baseball showcase events are typically designed for high school-aged players who are looking to gain exposure and potentially receive college scholarship offers or professional baseball opportunities.

In general, any high school baseball player who is currently in their freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior year of high school is eligible to participate in these showcase events. Some events may have specific requirements or restrictions based on age, skill level, or geographic location, so it’s important to research the event and its eligibility requirements before registering.

It’s also worth noting that some high school baseball showcase events may be invitation-only, which means that players must be invited by event organizers or recommended by coaches or scouts in order to participate. However, there are many showcase events that are open to any interested player, regardless of their previous baseball experience or level of play.

To make sure you are fully prepared for the event, here are some essential items that you should bring:
1. Baseball gear: You will need to bring your own baseball gear, including a glove, bat, batting helmet, and cleats. Make sure that your gear is clean and in good Condition.

2. Baseball uniform: Many showcase events require players to wear a specific uniform or team shirt. Check the event details to see if you need to bring a specific uniform or shirt to wear during the event.

3. Water and snacks: It’s important to stay hydrated and fueled during the event, so bring plenty of water and snacks to keep your energy up.

4. Sunscreen and hat: Depending on the location and time of the event, you may be spending a lot of time in the sun. Bring sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

5. Personal equipment: You may also want to bring any personal equipment that you use for training, such as a resistance band, weighted ball, or batting tee.

6. Player resume or profile: Some showcase events may ask for a player resume or profile, which includes information about your baseball experience, academic achievements, and contact information. Bring a printed copy of your resume or profile to give to coaches and scouts.

7. Positive attitude: Finally, bring a positive and confident attitude to the event.
Remember to stay focused, work hard, and have fun showcasing your skills and abilities to coaches and scouts.

Our events are typically structured to include a combination of drills, skills
sessions, evaluations and games depending on which style of showcase you are
attending. Coaches and scouts will be on hand to evaluate your performance and provide feedback.

All of our events include hands-on instruction from college coaches in attendance as well as one-on-one interactions through drills with each coach. At all of our events, you will also go through an evaluation period at the position you register for.

At the conclusion of each showcase, you will receive all your metrics from you day at
the showcase as well as a personalized recruiting video from the showcase.

Attending a baseball showcase can offer several benefits for high school baseball players who are looking to gain exposure and potentially receive college scholarship offers or professional baseball opportunities. Here are some of the key benefits of attending a baseball showcase:

1. Exposure to college coaches and professional scouts: Showcase events provide players with the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of college coaches and professional scouts who may be interested in recruiting them. This exposure can increase a player’s chances of being recruited and receiving scholarship offers or professional baseball opportunities.

2. Skill development: Players can receive feedback and coaching from experienced
instructors and coaches at showcase events, which can help them improve their skills and become better players.

3. Networking opportunities: Showcase events provide players with the opportunity to meet and connect with other players, coaches, and scouts from around the country. This can help players build relationships and expand their network within the baseball community.

4. Competition: Showcase events often attract top players from around the country, which can
provide a high level of competition and challenge players to perform at their Best.

5. Experience and exposure to different playing environments: Showcase events are often held in different locations and facilities, which can provide players with the opportunity to experience and adapt to different playing environments and conditions.

6. Motivation: Attending a showcase event can be a motivating experience for players, as it can provide them with a goal to work towards and a tangible opportunity to
showcase their skills and potentially receive scholarship offers or professional opportunities.

Overall, attending a baseball showcase can be a valuable experience for high school
baseball players who are looking to gain exposure, improve their skills, and potentially receive college scholarship offers or professional opportunities.

Yes, it is possible to be recruited directly from a baseball showcase, but it is not a guarantee. Showcase events provide players with the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities in front of college coaches and professional scouts who may be interested in recruiting them. However, coaches and scouts often use showcases as a way to identify potential prospects, and they may follow up with players after the event to gather more information or to see them play in other settings.

To increase your chances of being recruited directly from a baseball showcase, it’s important to prepare ahead of time by practicing and refining your skills, and creating a player resume or profile that highlights your baseball experience and academic achievements. During the showcase event, make sure to perform at your best, show a positive attitude and work ethic, and be respectful and professional towards coaches and scouts. Finally, follow up with coaches and scouts after the event by sending a thank you email and any additional information they may request, such as game footage or academic records.

It’s also important to note that attending a showcase event is just one of many ways to get recruited in baseball. College coaches and professional scouts may also recruit players through high school games, tournaments, and referrals from other coaches or scouts. So while attending a showcase event can be a valuable experience, it’s important to also focus on playing well and getting noticed in other settings as well.

If you are unable to attend a baseball showcase that you registered for, it is important to contact us as soon as possible to let us know of your situation. All of our events have a cancellation policy and only some offer a refund or credit towards a future event if you cancel within a certain timeframe. However, the specific policies and procedures may vary depending on the event, so it’s important to check the event details and contact the us to confirm the cancellation policy and to let us know of your Situation.

It’s important to note that showcase events often have limited spots and waiting lists, so canceling your registration can provide an opportunity for another player to attend the event. Additionally, it’s important to communicate professionally and respectfully with the event
organizers to maintain a positive relationship and potentially attend future Events.

If you are unable to attend a showcase event due to injury or illness, it’s important to prioritize your health and recovery before returning to play. Communicate with your coach and any recruiters who may have been interested in seeing you play to let them know of your situation and to provide an updated timeline for your return to play. Remember that while showcase events can be valuable opportunities for exposure, your health and well-being should always come first.

To stay up to date on upcoming events and news from a baseball showcase company,
there are several things you can do:
1. Follow the company on social media: Showcase companies often have social media
accounts where they share news, updates, and highlights from past events. Following the company on social media can be a great way to stay informed and engaged.

2. Check the company’s website: Showcase companies usually have websites that provide
information on upcoming events, registration details, and other important information. Check the website regularly to stay up to date on the latest news and events.

3. Network with other players and coaches: Networking with other players, coaches, and
baseball organizations can be a great way to stay informed about upcoming showcase events and to get recommendations for reputable showcase companies.

4. Attend previous events: Attending previous events hosted by the showcase company can
give you an idea of what to expect in the future and provide opportunities to meet and network with other players and coaches.

By using these methods, you can stay up to date on upcoming events and news from a
baseball showcase company and take advantage of valuable opportunities to showcase your skills and potentially get recruited.

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