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NCBA Holiday Elite Hitting Camp

December 28 - December 29 Greensboro, NC 125

AGE RANGE 8 - 18 years old
EVENT VENUE North Carolina Baseball Academy

1137 Pleasant Ridge Road
Greensboro NC , 27409



Monday - Friday 3pm to 8pm, Saturday 12pm-4pm



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  • The NC Baseball Academy Holiday Elite Hitting Camps are position specific and all about HITTING! The Hitting Camps are Fun, Highly Instructional and designed to teach you all the common characteristics of the Major League Swing!
  • The Elite Hitting Camps are for all skill levels and ages 8-18. Learn to start with an athletic Stance and then transition into the other seven hitting positions of Toe Touch, Heel Switch, Connection, Bat Lag, Contact, Extension then Follow Through that are seen in every high level and advanced hitter in the game of baseball.
  • Live Arm Swings, along with advanced drill work, allow campers to work on all aspects of their swing plus learn a great hitting approach and situational hitting. Both Hitting Camps will feature video analysis and a side-by-side comparison with one of today’s top Major League Hitters.
  • NC Baseball Academy also uses state of the art technology with the Rapsodo Hitting program which will allow each camper to see their metrics and how the top college and professional teams evaluate hitting talent.
  • The Elite Summer Hitting Camps will include daily hitting stations that will give each camper quality reps and advanced drill work to learn to become an Elite Hitter.
  • Our Hitting Camp staff is headlined by NC Baseball Academy Head Hitting Instructor Jeff Guerrie. Jeff is one of the top young hitting coaches in our region of the state and is an expert in teaching the characteristics of the Major League Swing and coaching the finer hitting metrics and technology as measured by the Rapsodo Hitting Program.
  • Other staff will include former Major League Player Scott Bankhead and coaches from the high school and college ranks.