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Lead by Example Catchers Camp | Cary, NC

August 16 - August 17 Holly Springs, NC 499

AGE RANGE 10 - 18 years old
EVENT VENUE Ting Stadium

101 Sportsmanship Way
Holly Springs NC , 27540



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  • The “Lead by Example Catchers Camp” will be run by Todd Coburn – The Catching Guy AND Chris Reyes of CatcherMTRX, two of the most sought after catching coaches in the country, if not the world.
  • This camp is designed for catchers age 10-18 and will cover all of the main responsibilities of a catcher. Participants will be separated into groups by age and rotate through several fundamental skill and exercise stations all designed to take your catchers skills to the next level.
  • STANCES – The multiple stances a catcher utilizes throughout a game including one knee set ups. We can teach your catcher everything they need to know about receiving, blocking and throwing but if they do not get in the proper ready position, if they’re not in the correct stance, they will not be able to perform the fundamental skills of a catcher consistently.
  • RECEIVING – Having soft hands, getting strikes called strikes and getting stri-balls (borderline pitches that could go either way) called strikes with some “mitt magic” will be covered in detail. Research shows that being a good receiving catcher will help your team more than anything else we do. We will dedicate a significant amount of time to train your catchers on becoming the best receiving catcher they can be.
  • BLOCKING – Technique to help you “be a wall!” Being a good blocking catcher has the potential to save a bunch of runs for your catcher’s team. Although it is one of the least liked jobs of a catcher, it is one of the most important. We will dedicate a significant amount of time to helping your catcher not only get comfortable with the baseball hitting them but also liking and taking pride in their blocking ability.
  • THROWING – A catchers throwing ability is always the first thing that coaches, opponents, and scouts notice. We will cover everything your catcher needs to know to become the best throwing catcher they can be including quick hands, quick feet, arm strength and throwing mechanics.
  • SPECIALTY PLAYS – We also plan on spending some time covering all of the other responsibilities of a catcher including plays at the plate, bunt plays and pop ups.
  • Camp will run from 9:00am-3:00pm each day with a 30 minute lunch break at noon. Lunch is not provided and we recommend your catcher also brings snacks and a water bottle to stay hydrated and energized throughout camp.
  • Along with all of the physical skill practice, we plan on dedicating a significant amount of time covering the mental side of the position with a focus on leadership qualities and the importance of leading the pitching staff and team to victory.