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Baseball and Softball Strength & Conditioning

December 6 - December 31 Harrisburg, NC 110

AGE RANGE 10 - 18 years old
EVENT FOCUS Speed + Agility
EVENT VENUE Rose Performance

7501 Caldwell Road
Harrisburg NC , 28075






Day Camp

Inside Venue

Outside Venue

Morning Start Time

  • Ages: 10 year old’s + Middle, High School, Collegiate and Professional Athletes
  • 4 Week | 12 Week Clinics – Four days a week full speed and agility classes for baseball and softball players.
  • Focus: Speed and agility, strength training, and explosive power. These key areas will help your athlete gain a competitive advantage over others by focusing on the importance of fast twitch muscles.
  • We have worked with Professional athletes  like Justin Seager, Corey Seager, & Kyle Seager.
  • Our individualized/group strength and conditioning programs help players gain more athleticism to acquire more skills on the field.  If you could ask any athlete, they will tell you speed and agility comes with getting stronger and more explosive.
  • We focus on safety first and make sure every athlete understands the proper technique when lifting.
  • Feel free to click the registration link below to be taken to our website. We do not have a registration link on our website. We would rather speak with you in person or over email to make sure Rose Performance is exactly what you are looking for.
  • If you’re interested in your athlete working with the top strength and conditioning coaches in the nation please feel free to contact us at dan@roseperformance.com with questions on how to sign up.