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1st Annual Open Showcase

November 13 Summerville, SC 100

AGE RANGE 14 - 18 years old
EVENT FOCUS Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Speed + Agility, Base Running, Arm Care, Catching
EVENT VENUE Cane Bay High School

1624 State Road
Summerville SC , 29483




Showcase Event

Day Camp

Scouts in Attendance

Outside Venue

Morning Start Time

  • This event will have the top high school coaches in the area in attendance to evaluate each player. College coaches will be in attendance and will also have access to the website to see results.
  • Colleges not in attendance will have access to stats after the event.
  • We will grade speed, infield/outfield arm strength, pitcher velocity, catcher pop times, a round of BP on the field then a scrimmage to see the athletes in a game situation.
  • Registration closes on Nov 1st, 2021
  • Tentative schedule, not exact
    • Check in: 8am-9am
    • Warm up: 9am-9:30am
    • Each event will start 9:30am-12:00
      – Hitting
      – Running
      – bullpens (pitchers)
      – pop times (catchers)
      – arm strength for position players
      – on field BP
      – E4 consultants session for NCAA recruiting
      – Pinnacle One Training nutrition and weight training info info

    • Lunch (not provided) 12pm-12:45pm
    • Scrimmages: 1pm- complete